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Deleting pictures..

Monday May 14, 2007 09:50:00 AM

Hi everyone, I'm thinking of deleting some of mine & family's pictures from here, and only leaving a few. I just find it disgusting when other people 'steal' your dogs pictures, because they can't find their own, or they want to find 'loves' for their dogs. It's all virtual and your supposed to have FUN. - You can't have fun when you have to go contact someone about stealing your pictures! If I end up deleting some of my pictures off here, I'll give you the link to my Dogster page, where you can keep updated and see all my pictures. They have photo protection on. Is that good enough, or will people seriously go through more stuff to take your pictures? Anywho, I added more pictures so you all wouldn't think I am a fake, which I'm not. I have video's to prove it. I just wanted to say that, and I hope all of my pals see this. Xoxo, Sadie

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Posted By: Sadie 2007/05/31 04:11:09 PM
I only left two pictures of me on Petster. Plus the drawing and the silly picture of me and my pals. I'm not having my pictures getting stolen, and the people that steal other's pictures are immature and they have nothing better to do with there time.

Posted By: 2007/05/20 12:44:55 PM
-on...thats why i chose to post my pics on petster again cause i could care less. Of course i care about my pics, and about my identity, but everyone knows about the photo stealers so eventually, the guy will stop..

Posted By: 2007/05/20 12:43:55 PM
Yes Diamond, its not that easy. You dont go up to someone who steals something and say "please give me my stuff back" would you? they wont delete it, these people stealing the pics are 9-10 probably. They think if we keep begging, they'll get more attenti

Posted By: 2007/05/20 12:42:01 PM
good point xPb

Posted By: Sadie 2007/05/15 07:17:11 PM
Diamond, Dogster does have photo protection, and when someone steals your pictures - you don't talk to them yourselves, you talk to the owner of the whole site and get them removed. And Jake, yes they usually go for Golden's. But I was thinkg just incase!

Posted By: 2007/05/15 03:21:35 PM
it seems the photo stearlers are more interested in goldens than huskies, shih tzus, ect. but i understand...

Posted By: Murphy 2007/05/14 05:41:25 PM
Hi Diamond, on dogster they do have photo protection. Champ's pictures have been stolen on loads of places, its so annoying. But Sadie, if someone does steal your pictures just report them, and me and your friends will keep an eye out.

Posted By: Diamond Emerald-Eyes 2007/05/14 10:07:39 AM
If you see someone stealed your pictures you need to write to them or write to the owners of the website they on and ask to have it deleted.

Posted By: Diamond Emerald-Eyes 2007/05/14 10:07:10 AM
I do not think Dogster have photo protection because someone steal Champ4ever's ID on Dogster and make PetsPlaces page for him.

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